About Us

Sick of having to do paperwork at the end of day? Finding it hard to increase cash flow to pay for staff and inventory? Forgetting to bill for your work, or never chase up a customer for outstanding payment?

This is why Airpay exists. We want to give small businesses the tools to better serve their customers and efficiently manage payments. Because if Airpay can do that, our customers get more spare time to spend doing things that are really important. Like spending the evenings on the couch with loved ones, instead of being stuck in the home office chasing payments.

Airpay has been incubated and launched through Quest Payment Systems Pty Ltd, one of the most respected and longstanding financial technology companies in Australia. Airpay operates within Quest as an incubated start up, allowing it to innovate and solve problems specific to small and medium businesses.


Airpay, empowering the small businesses of Australia to thrive.