Frequently Asked Questions

Airpay provides support 7 days a week. Our support gurus are available from 8:30am to 9pm on weekdays and 9am to 5pm on weekends. We’re based in Melbourne, so you’ll need to convert these to your local time zone. See our support contact options here.

Airpay runs on all modern Apple and Android devices. Download it now and try it out – it is free!

Airpay is a complete point of sale and invoicing application. It allows you to manage your business and take payments from your smartphone or tablet.

No password is necessary for cash refunds.

Card refunds require a refund password. This password must be setup before completing a card refund.

No. With Airpay, there are no lock-in contracts, no setup fees and no exit fees.

The Airpay mobile app is free. However, there is a cost to rent an Airpay reader and you’ll pay a small processing fee on cards payments. Details on fees and charges can be found here.

Settlement will be deposited into your account 1-2 business days after the transaction has been processed, depending on your particular financial institution.

The Airpay app has been developed to be offered free to any business. You can take advantage of all of its innovative features and we will work closely with merchants to continue to improve it.

Airpay makes money when you process card transactions through our integrated Airpay card reader. The Airpay reader is fast, cost competitive and highly secure. Although you can still use a separate EFTPOS terminal from a bank, we think you’ll see the benefits of our fully mobile, integrated payment option. Sign up here.

So go ahead, use the free functionality of the Airpay app. When you need to start accepting cards, let us know and we can provide you a seamless way to accept all the major payment types.

The Airpay reader connects through Bluetooth to the Airpay app running on your smartphone or tablet.

Simply call us on (03) 8807 4445 and we’ll arrange for a courier satchel to be sent out for its return.

Once it is returned, that month’s rental will be the last one charged.

You can view your sales history directly from the Airpay app! Simply select the Paid tab and browse and search through all sales.

Totals and key insights are also available through the Airpay dashboard tab.

Finally, you can also run period reports. To do this, go to the manage tab and select Reports. From Reports, you are provided from a variety of pre-defined report periods, daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly. These reports show you key totals, along with a listing of each sale and card transaction done within that report period.

Airpay integrates with Xero, with MYOB and Quickbooks coming soon.

Any sale or invoice completed in Airpay is synched to your Xero account. This includes customers, so you can see all your customers and invoies in Xero, no matter how you have dealt with them in the past.

No, you’re able to specify the bank account that your settlement funds will be deposited into.  The only pre-requisite is that it must be an Australian Bank, and you must be the account holder.

Yes! The Airpay reader accepts tap, insert or swipe cards. You’ll never miss a sale from not accepting your customers preferred method of payment.

Airpay is designed to process transactions where your customer and their card are present.  However, you are able to manually enter card details when you are unable to process the transaction due to a faulty card.

Yes you can, however you won’t have the convenience of our hardware replacement service in the event of a terminal breakdown.  Talk to our Sales staff to discuss the purchasing options available to you.

Yes, Airpay can process eftpos Debit (cheque and savings accounts), Visa and MasterCard Credit, as well as Amex, Diners and JCB Charge cards*.

The ability to accept eftpos CHQ & SAV transactions is a key feature that Airpay offers that competitors products do not. This is important for large value transactions, as eftpos CHQ & SAV are charged at a cheaper flat fee. For example, a $1,000 transaction will cost you (at the time of writing) $0.28 if processed via CHQ or SAV, or $18.60 if processed via Visa or MasterCard.


*Amex, Diners and JCB cards require you to setup direct merchant accounts with these schemes. Contact us for more information if you wish to support these card types.

All our fees are fully disclosed here

Our fees are simple and transparent. A monthly fee for renting the Airpay card reader and a fee for each transaction you process. There are no setup or break/closure fees. There are no minimum monthly service fees. Simple.

If the unit is faulty, the Airpay reader will be replaced free of charge, as the monthly rental fee includes an advanced swap service. However, if you lose or break the Airpay reader, there is a $300 fee.

Click here to see the complete list of fees and charges